Éliane Guindon

Reknowned designers such as Denis Gagnon, Ève Gravel, Marie St-Pierre, Falbala and Eve Moffatt of New-York  have acknowleged Éliane's originality and talent by including her prints in their collections.

Éliane conceives her patterns and prints her own motifs on fabrics, silk being her favourite medium. It all begins with a roll of white fabric on which colours, textures and designs are added, layer by layer. This process results in a very flattering lightness, fluidity and feminity. Her influcences are varied, acquired through years of exposure to many cultures and different continents as she chooses the path less travelled.

Her studies include pure sciences and psychology at college level (CEGEP), sociology at the University of Québec in Montréal, advanced English at the University of London, Great Britain.

As a student she acquired work experience in London, England. For several years she planted millions of trees in the grizzly-bear country on the mountains of British Columbia and sold Christmas trees in Queens, New-York City.

She then obtained a diploma of professional studies in «Agriculture maraîchère organique», Mirabel, Québec.

Through the years she travelled widely in Europe, Africa and the Americas. A gypsy in dreads and colourful style, she returned to Montréal with her head filled with projects, committed to the liberation of her childhood passion for fabric: texture, colour and design.

In 1998 she began a three year course in textile printing and in 2001 graduated from Le centre de recherche et de design en impression textile de Montréal after which she received training at L'Institut Supérieur de Design de Mode of Montréal in pattern making and drapping.

Since then, she creates silk dresses for all occasions: marriage, travel, graduation prom, etc. from her Montréal workshop. Her creations are the fruit of an amalgam of sensuality, elegance, and exotic appeal.

Éliane never ceases to push the limits of creativity in silk and other fabrics. She is now launching her own ready-to-wear fashon line.